Aafes self service

Aafes self service

Aafes self serviceThe Army & Air Force Exchange Service abbreviated,  AAFES,  is a consumer goods supply chain with its own stores of the U.S. Department of Defense , the supply of the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force serves. The acronym Aafes self service is used in American parlance as an independent name. AAFES is usually commanded by a two-star general or directed. Headquartered in Dallas .

A special feature is that AAFES may earn no pure profits, because the organization is funded by the Defense Department. AAFES operates initially as part of cost recovery (98%) and only receives support for the transportation of goods overseas and by AAFES to military personnel parked. Excess revenues are the so-called Morale, Welfare and Recreation Program credited the Army and Air Force. Thus supports in principle the end of each shopping AAFES set up for him, the recreational and leisure facilities.

Distribution is through the shops on the bases that are used as “PX” for Post Exchange, or “BX” designated for Base Exchange. Basically, the available goods such as clothing, household goods, cosmetics and electronics, tax-free. For this reason only allowed members of the military U.S. forces and, under certain conditions, members of various NATO units use these sales facilities.

PX stores are operated globally but also in military camps in use armies. Most private companies are used here, where workers are recruited from the local population. For example, Bosnians working in the PX in the military camps of EUFOR in Bosnia-Herzegovina .

Despite exemption alcohol and cigarettes are only a maximum of ten percent cheaper than either the U.S. or continental prices to local prices sold to provide any particular incentive to buy. The price of gasoline sold at AAFES self service gas stations always focused on the local market in order to dominate them or not to weaken.

AAFES also offers an Internet shop on – similar to a mail-order is delivered to all U.S. military post office addresses and military bases -.

Occasionally AAFES self service organized under the various MWR programs and special activities, such as it was at the military base “Camp Liberty” in Iraq in 2003, one Burger King restaurant opened.

For the U.S. Navy with Navy Exchange, there is a similar device, while the U.S. Marine Corps Marine Corps Exchange is powered by.

On its website, the Exchange states its business aim is “to serve Soldiers, Airmen and their families around the world.”  From here, were also due to the supplies in the U.S. compared to shorter transport routes, the troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Balkans.

Aafes self service login

You can login into Aafes self service  in this link – login

To use this site, make sure you have an AAFES associate number with a valid Top Secret Security ID and password.

How to Reset your password for aafes self services?

You can call 1-800-289-3800 option 2-3
You can reset your Reset Username and Password here.
You will need the following details:

1.Last 4 of your Social Security number
2.Date of Birth (YYYYMMDD)
3.Last Name